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Inspections IBC

IBC falls under the 2.5-year inspection regime. This means that the tanks must be inspected at least every 2.5 years in accordance with KIWA and ADR regulations. During the 15-year KIWA inspection, the tank must be internally inspected and removed from the tray. Below is the inspection schedule:

After the inspection, you will receive a KIWA and ADR inspection certificate.

KIWA 2.5 years:
• Initial check of Kiwa tank certificate / conformity declaration and UN mark
• The general state of maintenance, paint layer, leaks, and damages
• The absence of excessive damage in weld seams and lifting provision
• The presence and operation of the anti-siphon provision
• The cleanliness of the drip tray
• The sealing of the level indicator and the filling point
• Functioning of tip-tilt (outflow) protection

Kiwa 15 years (for IBC older than 15 years):
• Above mentioned points
• Dismantling tank from drip tray
• Internal inspection (uniform or pitting corrosion)
• Wall thickness control
• Leak testing

ADR 2.5 years:
• Presence of logbook, UN mark
• Visual inspection of entire installation
• Presence of license plate
• General state of tank unit, paint layer, damages, leaks
• Absence of mechanical deformations of the lifting eyes
• Presence of ball valves
• Presence and functioning of venting and outflow protection
• Cleanliness of the drip tray
• Control on sealing of the level indicator and filling point
• Functioning of the leak detection
• Inspection with leak testing
• After inspection, the venting is brought back to operational state

ADR 5 years:
• All above mentioned ADR 2.5-year points.
• Inspection with internal inspection (manhole open and assess tank internally)