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Design features Offshore Tankcontainer

But why Tuinhof Tankcontainer Solutions? 

  • Flexible fuel supply for Road, Rail and Sea
  • Sales, Design and Production
  • Service, maintenance and mandatory in spections
  • Safety and Environment according Laws and regulations
  • Project Management


Product Data Sheet:

  • Capacity : 6300 ltr.
  • Diameter : 1900 mm.
  • Tare mass : 5500 kg.
  • Gross mass : 10.400 kg. (typical container)
  • Manhole : 600 mm.
  • Leak proof protection : by indicator fluid.
  • Nominal pressure : 0 Pa.
  • Gauge test pressure : 4 bar(g).
  • Max. Filling level : 95%.
  • Easy fit in 10ft container
  • Breather connection to outside

Application:UN Portable Offshore Tank. Flexible supply or carriage of hazardous (K3, UN 1202) and non-hazardous liquid. Special designed for transport between fixed and floating offshore installations and ships. Meets the strict safety requirements.


Design codes and standards:The tank is produced and tested under a recognized Standards. DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Container, EN12079, IMO/MSC Circular 860, IMO (International Maritime Organization), IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods), ADR (European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by Road), RID (Regulations concerning International railway transport of Dangerous goods), EN 12285 (Double wall above ground fuel tanks for UN1202 products) and ASME VIII div. 1.


Design:Tank is designed according ASME VIII div. 1. Design temp. up to -40°C to +50°C. Offshore container according DNV standard 2.7-1. Tank is mounted in drip tray and due to the solid construction of the tank the environmental incidents will be avoided. 1 Baffle plate inside the tank. Double wall tank with leak detection. Extra spill bin included. Fittings and connections to specification or requirements. On top of the tank a manhole 600mm. for easy cleaning and inspection.


Materials:Standard tank material quality P355NL2 acc. EN10028-3, impact tested on design temp. Container as specified in DNV standard 2.7-1.


Quality: High quality finish, robust design integrated crash frame easy maintenance and repair.